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Brushwood Fencing Repairs


We at Brushwood Fencing Northern Beaches really pride ourselves on being able to bring an old or damaged fence back to life. There are many different reasons why brushwood fences need repairing but the main reason is simply age.


When we build a New fence we recommend that the rolled top be replaced at approximately 7 years of age or when it starts to become brittle. The Rolled top itself is not only decorative, but it is a capping that is used to protect the top of the fence from weather damage. Replacing the Rolled top is the cheapest and smartest way to maximise the life of your fence and to maintain its beauty. The old top is simply removed and replaced with new sticks and wires.


Quite often when the Rolled top has not been replaced at the correct time, the top of the fence starts to thin and drop. It’s at this stage that the top of the fence should be Rebuilt and Re-Rolled . When we do a Re-Build we generally remove the clips from the top 2-3 wires, graft in new sticks, re-clip the wires, trim the top, and replace the Rolled top. This option allows you to have a fence that looks new for a fraction of the cost of replacing the fence.


Pull Outs

Sometimes it is necessary to replace all of the thatching in an extremely old or neglected fence. In most cases you can generally re-use the existing steel frame. The old thatching is removed, new wires go on, and you proceed like you would when building a new brushwood fence.

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