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Brushwood Fencing Installations

During Installation
Installation Complete

It’s really important when building a Brushwood Fence that the highest quality Brush and materials are used. Not doing this will most definitely reduce the life of your fence. Following the right guidelines when setting up and thatching your fence will lead to a long lasting, low maintenance, and aesthetically pleasing fence that is perfect for the Australian landscape.

The materials we use for our fence frames are:

  • 40nb Galvanised Steel Posts with Galvanised caps
  • 20nb Galvanised Steel Rails
  • 2.5mm Galvanised Wire or black P.V.C Coated Wire
  • 100mm Treated Pine Slab Bases
  • Our posts are concreted 600mm into the ground or Core drilled into stone or concrete.
  • Posts are spaced at a maximum of 2.4mts
  • Wire spacing no more the 300mm apart
  • Clip spacing no more than 300mm apart
  • Roll Top ties no more than 300mm apart

By doing all of the above and using experienced tradesmen, we will deliver the highest quality Hand Thatched Brushwood Fencing for our customers giving them a beautiful and long lasting fence.

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